Saturday, March 28, 2009

Robot Whales

A friend came down for an afternoon surf, but unfortunately the low tide wasn't helping conditions. Watching the cameras all morning, Ocean City looked fun, but crowded. By afternoon, the bottomed-out tide was making finding something worthwhile a challenge. Checked three or four spots and they were total junk, so I made my way to a spot at good ol' Whale Beach :

Some of the beautiful ambiance that awaits:

The view before paddling out. Mushy, but pretty lined-up and as the tide filled in, it grew a bit in size. Kind of a long paddle, but wide open and missing the fifty or so middle-aged guys on Noltes and Stewarts clogging things up.
We stayed for a few hours. With warm air temps and decent waves, it was a good end to the work week.

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