Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday's photo-extravaganza:

I was disappointed to see the forecast had shrunk overnight when I checked it online in the morning. Luckily, someone forgot to tell the Atlantic because I was pleasantly surprised to find consistently waist high waves at the pier. A couple guys ended up making their way out, but we were able to spread out and have our own peak to ourselves. Judging by the cars I saw parked when I left, the folks that take the winter off are starting to trickle back into the line-up. I took this shot before paddling out and it was probably the only time the sun was out the whole day. As the tide filled in, the size increased a bit:

Next it was off to the aquarium, with my wife, daughter, niece, nephew, brother-in-law, and friends to celebrate a couple of march birthdays. By the way we were taking pictures, you'd think we lived in Ohio or something.

We couldn't even get Maeve's coat off before she was tearing through the place looking at the fish.

Maeve checking out the horseshoe crabs with Amy:

I decided to spot Maeve to ensure she didn't climb in with the horseshoe crabs:

It's hard to see but make was checking out Groman, the giant sea turtle that was in this tank.

I thought this would be a really cool shot, but the glare from the tank messed it up and there isn't much of a window to take pictures with Maeve. I was on the other side of the tank. I do like her expression, though.

More horseshoe crab action:

Maeve's favorite station, the coloring center, where you could draw pictures.

Maeve loved this part, but didn't always get the concept:

Third floor poster:

Posing hard:

Three's company:

Lots of cool artwork and murals were all over the place:

The diving helmets:

The crew at the aquarium and outside The Rainforest Cafe:

Atlantic City from the parking garage:

Having never been to the Atlantic City Aquarium before, we were impressed. There was just enough stuff to keep the kids occupied without being overwhelming and the stuff they had was pretty rad.

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