Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cold Snap

A good snowfall comes around about as often as a Phillies World Series Championship, so needless to say, we were all stoked to a) have off from school b) get around 8 inches of snow and c) let Maeve actually experience playing in the snow. Here are some pics from yesterday. Our snow-bro:

Maeve had some trouble navigating in the deep snow with her boots, so she opted for walking on the shovelled parts:

There are very few hills in all of Upper so I ended up piling a bunch of snow up on our front yard to create a mini-track. Maeve and I before take off:

Taking off:

Maeve was not too thrilled with having to wear a scarf. At one point, she tore off her gloves, hat and scarf.

Trying to play snow soccer:

Hanging out with the snow-bro:

Checking out the snow, minus the gloves=bad idea.
We had a blast, although I think Maeve still needs more time to warm up to playing in the snow.

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Martha Beeton said...

So cute! I love these pics.