Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Benson & Edges

Yesterday was a pretty good day as far things go. I was able to score the Carpenter Ant/Air Conditioning split on yellow, which was missing from my CA collection. Ended up arriving home to a couple new records on my step (reviews of which will be forthcoming). One of the guys I bought a record from threw in an additional copy of an atari record, which was super cool as well. Due to daylight savings, I didn't have to try and beat the clock to get out in the water after school and was able to take my time rather than rushing around the house trying to get all my shit together. I ended up at the south end for a windy high tide session and despite the weaker conditions, it was a lot of fun. One other guy out and the occasional line-up wave came through. I grabbed this picture before I left but it didn't come out the way I wanted (It looks a lot better if you click on it). You can't see the water well enough and I tried to get the pier in it, but no dice. The only bummer was I lost out on a Beyond LP that I was trying to pick up on eBay. I got aboard the Beyond train very late, but have been listening to the demo so much lately, that I was really kind of psyched to get a hold of "No Longer At Ease". I'm sure it will turn up again and at least it's not like the "Break Down the Walls" LP on red that I saw just went for $700.
Finally got my list up on "How's Your Edge", so feel free to hit me up with trades or offers:


I sold a bunch of my records last year at this time and tried to just keep what I considered my essentials, but some are obviously more important than others.

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