Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leather Daddy

I received my order from Fashionable Idiots the other day which contained the new records from Allentown's Fresh Meat and Middle America: two newer bands who share some members if I'm not mistaken. First up, is Fresh Meat's Leather Daddy. I've loved everything I've heard from Fresh Meat so far and this is their best release to date in my opinion, which is a pretty good accomplishment seeing as their other releases are quality . The recording itself sounds really good, making the tracks sound strong. There's no labels on the record or the sleeve, so I can't really tell much about one side as opposed to the other, but the side with the single track reminds me of (what else) Brainbombs a lot. Mid tempoed, it will have you bobbing along to it as Ray Gurz screams "just do your stinkin' job!". The other side is just as good. It has two faster paced tracks that make you go from bobbing your head to violently flinging yourself into the furniture as you listen. The second song has a really rad guitar part that fits somewhere between Greg Ginn and Dick Dale, sounding incredible over top the track as it thrashes along. Overall, the record is solid from start to finish, with an infectious rhythm underneath the chaos that will hopefully get some kids' attention outside the Lehigh Valley. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next Fresh Meat show in the LV. Limited cover below:

Every limited cover is listed as 1/100, which made me feel like an idiot for thinking they would just randomly send the first record to some dude in Jersey.

Do yourself a favor and pick this up----------> FASHIONABLE IDIOTS CATALOG

Middle America coming tomorrow!

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