Monday, March 23, 2009


Here's what happens when your wife and daughter go away for the weekend. Friday boardwalk surf check:

Things shaping up for the AM:

Now that spring has sprung, the only way to fight crowds is to hit it early:

It's always sunny in Strathmere, but unfortunately, this morning, it was also dumpy. Back in the car:

South End. Looked OK, but decided to head north:

North End. It was lining up way better, so I surfed for a couple of hours. A very mellow crowd of no more than six at any time could be found here throughout the morning. This shot was right before I paddled out:

A few hours later, the tide was low and the crowds were on it. Load up the car and time to head out:

The remains of a Rojos burrito for lunch:

Work on my skills:

Afternoon soundtrack:

Watch my bracket crumble for the rest of the day:

Transfer a couple of records to disc for the laptop:

Sleep, wake up, repeat. Sunrise at Corson's. Waves were even more fun Sunday morning. After a two hours, the line up was starting to fill.

What remains with the low tide. The usual mix of old men riding longboards:
Pretty much identical to Saturday, minus the Rojos which is closed on Sundays. Wild times, I know.

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