Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lovebird in Your Soul

Here's video featuring the new Lovebird project from Bing Surfboards and Chris Del Moro. John Smart is the filmmaker, who also did the Natural Expressions video on Joel Tudor, which a classic in my book. It's a two part video, but the first part is a Sproutlike intro followed by some tounge-in-cheek Endless Summeresque acting, so while it gives some background on the project, not much surfing there. This is the second part where Smart features The Lovebird, The Synchronizer and the Whippet. The soundtrack starts off very Sproutlike again with some noodley jazz, which is not really my thing, but then goes into some Phish and Devo which was much better to my ears. The Lovebird looks like an amazing board.

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