Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Bad Wind

Last night there were all kinds of tornado warnings and it felt like it was late August. This morning there were 20-25 mile an hour winds and it was pretty cold. Ended up surfing Strathmere with about ten other guys in what can be described as 30 mile an hour winds. There was a terrible northeast drift from the strong winds, yet the waves, thanks to the wind, were still pretty clean and soft making for a fun session. Harry Gale was out just killing it, pulling noserides with ease, hanging heels and other crazy stuff. The winds made it super easy to get to the nose and stay there, but the stuff Harry was pulling was just ridiculous in the noseride department. Caught some definite fun waves as the winds continued to shrink the waves as the morning went on. Despite the sunshine, it was my first hooded session of the fall and that is disappointing. In light of the fact that it is the start of boots, gloves, ice-cream headaches and frozen fingers, I thought this article from surfing would be a good one for today:

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