Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Washed Up at 32

Haven't been doing as much posting as I would have liked in the past couple weeks, leading me up to the decision I made the other day to do one final post. Lack of time and other internet-related diversions have made me feel like I didn't have as much to put up in the past. If you want to keep up, there's the typical locations to do so:

Instagram: mypathintrochanges

Pulling two of my favorite videos from past posts to repost. They pretty much sum things up for me a lot better than trying to post some embarassing wrap up of my thoughts.

First up: It's been posted before, but let's face it, it might be my favorite footage of all time, the final mosh from CBs. Different camera angle and the full set as opposed to the final intro video that just has, well, you guessed it, the intro and horrible sound.

The second is one is of my favorite surfers charging, Tyler Hatzikian. Not much chance of making it but still pulls in. The chances of me ever taking on anything remotely that big is slim, but makes you want to go for it.

If this blog is anything like the final mosh, there may be a few posts down the road in the future anyway.