Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Planet Mental

Oh werd? You saw this already? I know these clips has done their rounds on every surf messageboard and fanboy blog (except this one, until now), but this should be manadatory DAILY viewing for every surfer before a heading out. Watching these reminds me of how much of a pussy I am compared to Tyler and it makes me want to surf better, train more and go for it in bigger surf, so yeah, you can watch it again.

Plus, rather than choosing some dopey jam band, third generation Sublime ripoff, or jeebus forbid, Sublime themselves, he chooses Fugazi and Nirvana. Nirvana's a little shakey in my book, but at least its one of their better songs.

Two words: No Leash

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swingin' From a Hangman's Noose

Been listening to the Wrong Side all this week. They remind me of the Cro-Mags more so than any band I can think of and makes me want to mosh myself into oblivion whether I'm listening at home, in my car or at school-period. You can't say that about many bands. Here's two videos from UB '08:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Locals Only?

A kook deterrent at Waverly perhaps...

Oh, that's why.
Maybe they should keep it up for the summer.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Post Floorpunch show hangover. I can't remember the last show that I enjoyed that much start to finish. I originally was going to skip the detailed show review, but what the hell, it was the last stateside show:

First off, easy drive. It was a lot closer to the south Jersey Shore than I expected and made it there before the doors opened. The Stelton Church was a great venue. Parking was easy, reentry made it a super easy show. I stocked up on my merch ahead of time for hands free sing-a-longs later. Stoked on the FP longsleeve and American Nightmare rip sweat shirt. Got some Get Real shirts too. Shows are about more than merch and posing for the photographers so on with the bands...

Staring Problem had a really good sound that reminded me of Annihilation Time or Black Flag. Not sure what I thought of the vocals, but I may have to pick up a record of their and see how it compares. Was planning on grabbing one after the show, but didn't get a chance.

Next up was Mind Eraser who never fails to disappoint. Brotherhood cover, guest vocalist from Step Forward, and they closed with my favorite side of the Conscious/Unconscious LP. Heaviness, heaviness, blast, heavy, blast. Best quote from DFJ: This is our last song, don't get too excited because its a nine minute song. Or something like that.

The surprise guest came up next, Invasion aka Righteous Jams and tore through a couple songs. Definitely a good set, although I thought it was funny to watch the kids walk around the Stelton Church like Zombies following the box of Invasion Merch.

To be honest, I was so pysched on seeing Get Real. I play the shit out that LP all the time and could not wait to see them live. Opening quote from JR: "You guys have seen this show Jersey Shore right? That's not the Jersey Shore, this is the fucking Jersey Shore!!!" and with that, busted straight into "We Gotta Know". It was insane. At first the crowd was a little stunned, but once they figured out what was going on, the stage rush was on. Kids were diving off everything, including the stacks, etc. The played a great set that was about 50/50 Cro-Mags covers and their best stuff. Definitely a highlight of the evening.

Bracewar was up next and I had never really paid much attention to their stuff previously, but they definitely won me over. Hard as hell, I really dug what they played and will be listening to their releases a lot more now that I have seen them. It's nice to get pleasantly surprised by bands rather than let down. The kids danced fucking hard for them too.

Down to Nothing were up and I was fine with watching them, but can't say I gave their record more than a spin or two before the show. Following their set, I have been playing it ever since. They opened with a hip-hop track and then blasted right into their first song and the place went off. Kids were going nuts. Case in point: I was standing midway through the church near the wall and had a kid land on my head! That's how crazy kids were going off. Unfortunately, the guitarist's cab blew and that's when the game began in which the Lick Heard 'Round Hardcore occurred. If you need further clarification, head to the Bridge 9 messageboard. After a bit of a slow spell, DTN was back at it and like I said, definitely won me over with their performance. Sooo good. Pretty sure I saw a kid do a front flip off of one of the stacks during this set, but I could be wrong.

As Floorpunch was getting set up, I headed up to the front before things got started. The stage itself was packed with family, friends, distant friends and even Porter's daughter. Porter's final announcement was to "fuck this place up" and as usual, the place exploded upon the first song with kids alternating between huge singalongs and mosh parts. As the set went on I crept up closer and closer, finally getting in some good singalongs to the Agnostic Front cover, Let it Ride and the closer, "Blondie" aka "Jersey Shore" aka "Gonna Get Yours". I was proud of the fact that I was the only one who clapped when he announced they were playing "Blondie" since most people didn't know the song by that name. The set was about thirty five minutes, but went by in a blink and honestly, it was an incredible set. Even the attempt at covering "Ready to Fight" was a ton of fun. Dives were a plenty and got wilder and wilder the further into the set things got. In the end, it was a incredible show from start to finish. With no set list, Floorpunch did not disappoint, although I'm sure there are some skeptics as far as this being their last show in the states. If it wasn't I can't say that I would disappointed, seeing as they are one of the few bands out there that makes me want to go up front and sing-a-long until my lungs are sore.

Here's the wristband and the card I snagged that was thrown out at the start of "Let It Ride". Glad Atlantic City was represented.
Discovered this blood on my shoe after the show. It's not mine:

Here's the full set from the show:

Floorpunch from KO Films on Vimeo.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Tomorrow is the final, final mosh, so get stoked. No snow in the forecast so its fully on. Representing the south jersey shore up in Edison tomorrow at the Floorpunch finale.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Through Windows

Nothing going on around town. This picture made me want to go listen to the "Steps" EP.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Down at the Clubhouse

After a first attempt gone wrong, the shack sign has been converted for the new shed. Inspired by the 97a seven inch , the shark and boards are a nod to the bones brigade logo on the record. Glad I was able to use the old sign as evident from it already chipping off. Looking forward to warmer weather so it can be used for more than a storage house for boards.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bust It. Bust It Now. Congrats.

Its no secret that I'm big into Carpenter Ant. Being that I got on board with them midway through their existence, I've had to do a lot of searching to track down their different recordings, mostly records, tapes and the like. A few years back Chaos had hooked me up with a bunch of the vinyl on CD and Ray has always been good to me in sending a shirt, record or tape my way, so I thought through them and tracking down the different records and tapes that I had heard everything.
I had thought wrong. After getting the original demo from Giancarlo a week or so ago(thanks again), I realized that the songs on there were ones that I had never heard before with the exception of "Ghostriders". While the recording was raw, after one or two listens, I was into it. I have no idea what the band thinks of the recording, but I know there were only forty of the tapes made, so I figured why not upload the songs with the artwork for anyone who may want one. All I know is that I was completely stoked to get a hold of it. Here it is:


Tape Cover-

Read those goddamn words-

I was lucky enough to be here for this:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evil Ways

If you haven't heard "The Sleeping Eye" yet, get it. Not quite hardcore, not quite metal, its a crossover album that just kills.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

You Suck

The title could be in reference to the photography or the artwork or maybe just a Barfight reference. Since moving, there hasn't been a lot of time to dick around on painting or making goofy signs, but now that things are calming down, I've had some time. I had started this piece a while back but finally got around to completing it today and it will be the first addition to the new space. Since I suck at photography, I couldn't get the glare off the center of the picture, but you get the idea.

Speaking of the space, I finally have some of the old projects up, done on old scrap wood, carboard, basically whatever was laying around. I think the new sign for the shed will be done tomorrow, which I am stoked about.
In closing, listen to the Barfight and Nazi Dust demos at maximum volume on your music listening device.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Sigh, Another Year

With a new year, decade, whatever, comes a lot of reflection. Probably the best way to get the newest year started is to get in the water, which is exactly what I did to kick things off and in doing so came up with a lot of good ideas for projects, trips, artwork and just general stuff to keep '10 from going stale 365 days later. At least I think so. Skipping the usual New Year's Eve party night meant I was able to get an early start and I caught this picture, which kind of is a reference to the Paint it Black album, in a really shitty way.

Even with cams, internet forecasts and cell phones, this is still one of the best moments of the session: walking up to get that first glimpse of what conditions you're in store for at you're local break.
Overall, it was cold, empty, but also spread out and peeling. Enough swell to make it fun, but not too much to make it feel like work. Deeper tide meant the waves had a nice gentle peel for the most part and they were lining up well for my noserider.
Spent a two hour session alone with my thoughts, which was a great way to start off 2010. Much better than waking up with a hangover and stumbling to the couch with a splitting headache to sit my ass in front of the TV until I felt better.