Friday, September 26, 2008

Ten Toes Over

Decided to put up this photo that was published early summer in this year's Ocean City Sentinel featuring the photography of Steve Mullen and surfer Rob Kulisek. Mullen takes some great pictures and surfs Ocean City year 'round. He did a great series of pictures a few years back featuring a lot of the original OLC guys which was awesome. Kulisek just graduated, but every time I see a shot of this kid he is killing it. Such a good surfer, and also into photography himself.

Anyway, I really like this shot for the angle, color, etc. You can tell from Rob's wetsuit that he totally into doing his own thing in and out of the water. Steve's description is really detailed and gets someone who's never surfed about as close as possible to what that feeling is like. The photo/explanation combo was supposed to be some sort of weekly occurance in the Sentinel, but thankfully, I didn't see any more of these posted in the weeks to come and that was a good thing. It's best to let surfing be as low-key as possible in the summer months to keep the crowds from getting out of hand even more than it already is.

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