Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

With time on our hands and a lack of waves for the time being, we hit up the famous Cape May Zoo with some friends over the holiday. Maeve was a little nervous about going in at first:

It's amazing that the zoo is free, seeing as they have any animal your typical paying zoo would. They do ask for donations (as you can see from the raddest mailbox ever), but even with donating five to ten bucks, it's still a steal.

Mandatory crew picture #1:

Bad news bears:

One of Maeve's favorites:

Maeve imitating some different animal walks:

Mandatory crew shot #2:

Stop looking at me swaaaaan!!

Old Smoke:

It was the first time I had ever been there where they had birds running loose with the visiting population. We found this little guy in the bushes:

They had giraffes, lions and tigers too, but those pictures didn't come out as well:

Teenage mutant ninja turtle on the hunt for his brothers:

King of the reptile house:

Have you seen Chubbs' hand?
Even when we end up going when it is 105 degrees in the summer, the Cape May Zoo is always worth the trip!

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