Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Stan-Hope Conspiracy

Spring Break means getting the Shack in shape for the summer. The official Shack season runs from around April to as late as November, depending on how well the weather holds out in the fall. It spends most of the winter closed up and idle, packed to the gills with outdoor furniture and toys. Other than a storage unit for my boards in between sessions, it doesn't serve much of a purpose. It usually takes a day to get it cleaned out and arranged for artwork, attempted board repair or whatever else its used for in the summer. The initial horror show:

Things aren't getting much better:

The finished product, cleaned up and ready to go:

Now that you can actually walk inside, it's really nice in there.

Instead of just listening to Stern this summer, I hooked up an old VCR and TV for added enjoyment. That afternoon I watched the Ten Yard Fight and Strife documentaries, both of which I hadn't watched in years. Here is TYF doing "Back on Track", I think:
The top shelf is mostly pieces done last year with the lower shelf being random paint, nails, tools etc.
Already have a few things in mind project-wise. If the rain lightens up, I can hopefully get out there today for a bit.

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