Sunday, April 26, 2009

High Hopes

There's a good reason that I chose this flyer for today. As it turns out, one year on my birthday, my friend was convinced that Strife was playing in New Jersey not far from our town. At the time I was a huge Strife fan and thought they were one of the greatest bands on the planet (this was after One Truth was released and before In this Defiance so its kind of justified), so to me, it was fate that my favorite sxe band would be playing on my birthday.

We decided to give it go, despite not being a hundred percent sure where it was or who was playing, but we took off to our neighbor the the East in search of this mysterious Strife show. After the first couple stops at spots where my friend thought the show was, I realized that if there was a show in NJ, we were not finding it. This was a time before the internet had really taken off for advertising shows, so word of mouth or flyers were really the only way of knowing when or where a show was. In our mind, we figured if we knew the town, it wouldn't be long before we saw some HC kids walking around and we would just follow them to the show. Unfortunately, in the town that my friend thought the show was at, there were no kids strolling around. In fact, no one seemed to know about a show and we were out of luck. At the end of the day, I wasn't mad because my friend had the best of intentions. So since the April 26th New Jersey Strife show was never found, I thought I'd post the flyer for one a few days later in York:

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