Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Time (I Wish) We'll Remember

Timing is everything. When Blindside was playing shows, I was just getting into underground music, so while they were playing out around the Lehigh Valley, I was attending lame pop punk shows and seeing friends bands play that had been around for all of a week. By the time I developed a sense of what was good and what wasn't, I had missed my chance to see them. Such a bummer. I had been keeping my eyes open on eBay for their seven inch or the LP for a couple of weeks now and finally was able to grab the seven inch you see below:
Put out by 1124 Records, the 7 inch has a very early New Age Records feel to it with mid-tempoed tracks and dual vocalists. Honestly, I could listen to the opening of "Submission" on repeat for days. Very much worth the wait. They have a full length on 1124 as well, which I am hoping to track down as well. Here's the pic from the insert:

A couple a live shots I found from FOE's website from vocalist Brett Barto's collection:

You can tell it was the early ninties by the angle of the brim on everyone's hats.
Looking at those photos, I wish I had timed things a little earlier. Instead of standing around Scarlett's with my arms crossed listening to some shitty ska-punk band, I could have been up front for Blindside.

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