Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Small Part of Me is Saying I Still Have a Chance, The Rest of Me is Laughing at the First Part

Yesterday was a great mail day. Not because I received my latest car insurance bill or because I got a magazine subscription notice, but because of the manilla envelope you see below. Last week, Brian, the former frontman for Plow United put up a bunch of records on ebay, three of which were missing from my collection. Luckily, I was able to score all three and impatiently awaited their arrival. These records were not Chun King or Floorpunch on gold status, but to me, since Plow was the band that pretty much started it all for me back in my early high school years, it was a mission to have a complete collection. Call it the ignorance of youth or just being a plain idiot, but I passed up on buying the "Game of Chess" lp and "Goodnight Sellout" lp for the CD version way back when. Yes, that's right...the cd version. What a complete dumbass. At the time CDs were still considered to be cutting edge and so I am left with neither of the true full lengths on vinyl. At the very least I thought, by adding these records, I would have the complete collection of seven inches of the mighty Plow United. It was complete for a couple hours until a friend informed me that there is possibly a third cover for the Tallman seven inch.

Recognize the name?

The contents of the envelope:

A shot of all of the seven inches in my possession.

If anyone knows what the third cover of the Plow/Tallman split looks like, let me know. Also, you can hear a track from the never released "Meggers" seven inch at Sean Rule's website which is right HERE

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