Friday, February 20, 2009

Paint. Destroy. Vomit

Running some errands on Asbury Avenue the other day, I parked across the street from the building were the new 7th Street Surf Shop is going. As I was checking things out, my eyes scanned to the top of the building and noticed two very large and obnoxious logos painted on the top of the building. Whoever stays in the top part decided it would be a good idea to paint gigantic Phillies' and Eagles' logos atop the building for all passer-bys to see. The fact that its an Eagles logo doesn't bother me, its the fact that the "artist" decided to basically ruin the entire building by plastering two completely dumb logos on the outside of the building. The jackasses didn't even get the Phillies logo straight. Hey Picasso, stick to painting your face and your enormous gut on game day.

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