Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blue Is the Water

There was a time where I kind of dug folk music. This was a time before every frat boy and party girl began loving Jack Johnson because, "dude it's total beach music" and before Iron and Wine was associated with M & Ms. A time before any jackass with an accoustic guitar could label themselves as a singer/songwriter and make me want to vomit on the spot.

None of which has anything to do with Brown Bird.

I stumbled upon Brown Bird after checking out Portland Maine's Pine Haven Collective, a cool little artist collective that they having going on in what has to be one of the raddest towns in New England.

Anyway, I checked out a few songs by Brown Bird and instantly dug what they were doing. A lot. I'm typically not a folky guy (does Erik Peterson count?) as you can tell from a lot of the bands that I feature on this site, so what Brown Bird are doing, is pretty killer in my book. The stripped down sound, the lyrics and tone of the songs all scream (in a hushed tone) of being straight from the heart. Rather than try and give a Pitchfork worthy review of things, you should probably listen for yourself:

Definitely check out the myspace page as well. The above polaroid of lead BBer, Dave Lamb, was taken from a collection that can be found at downorout and they are very much worth sneaking a peak at too. I am hoping that Brown Bird can venture down to warm climes to play a show around here some time soon.

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