Monday, February 9, 2009

'Cause Sometimes Life is Less than A Dream

A shot from yesterday's late afternoon session paying homage to Allentown's Pissed Jeans. The air temps were super warm, so I ended up staying out for close to three hours. The waves never really went above waist high, but they were super clean and with the temperature well above the average, there was never a chance to get cold, even with 36 degree water. The lower tide made things a little unmakeable at the start; basically, I'd just take off knowing things were going to close out. Once the tide started to fill in though, things started to change and it became about fifty/fifty. If you timed it right, you could get one and zip down the line quickly trying to outrace the whitewater. About an hour before sunset, the waves were lining up so well, that once again, if you picked a good one, you could see the wave lining up 50 yards down the line making for super fun, waist-high conditions. It was weird seeing so many people walking around town and on the beach. It's still a little too early for the invasion to start up again.

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