Friday, December 26, 2008

Noseriding in a Ghost Town

Driving into Ocean City to surf yesterday was like driving into a science fiction movie. This time of year traffic is never a problem, but there were NO cars on the streets. Nobody anywhere. It was really creepy but made the prospects of surfing by myself pretty strong. No luck. I walked up to the boardwalk on Seventh Street and saw that there were a ton of people on the boardwalk enjoying the mild weather.

I had the right side of the jetty to myself for about the first twenty minutes and then was joined by a father and son. The waves were consistently waist high and clean, no bigger or smaller with a fairly decent peel to them. Overall it was a good session, considering the beautiful weather and fun little waves rolling through.

Once again though on the drive home, ghost town. I stopped and took a picture of the sunset in the middle of Wesley Avenue and didn't see a single car as far down as 10th all the way up to 25th.

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