Monday, August 24, 2009

Stay Gold

Some horrible cell phone pictures from the show last night. Opener Tim Barry, formerly of Avail, doing the acoustic-guitar-guy thing. Very cool, but not really my cup of tea. He did a couples songs out in the middle of the crowd, which was cool. I was probably a real dick for hoping he'd play something off of 4 AM Friday.

Lifetime played next and I can honestly say I don't think they missed a song I wanted to hear, other than maybe "Records at Nite" or the song off the Anti-Matter comp. My favorite set of the night. Yemin gave a shoutout to Blacklisted and Witch Hunt which was cool.
Not that you can see it, but Scott Golley was wearing his LVHC shirt. Stoked!

Didn't take many pictures for the Bouncing Souls, mainly because I didn't want to get my phone annihilated by some random bro. Here they were covering "Hybrid Moments". It was weird that a lot of people didn't know the words.
Not only did hurricane Bill and the five surfers in attendance get a shoutout, but they played a handful of songs off of "The Good, The Bad..." which was nice to hear. Closed with "Gone" and I was glad to get out of the Troc, before I had heat stroke.

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