Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just in case your math skills have been getting rusty over the summer, let me add up the lame points on this car for you:

1) It's a Scion.
2) It's has a hardtop BODYBOARD case.
3) It has an airbrushed picture of a wave for its liscense plate.
To provide some commentary, I spotted this car yesterday after surfing in the a.m. I know that the owner of the car is a dude, because him and his buddy usually bodyboard the spot I was at. When I say bodyboard, I mean sit on the inside and get in everyone's way who is actually sitting where the wave breaks. I'm sure they're nice guys and all, but they completely clog things up. The liscense plate is so awful, that its almost hipster ironic, but since its attached to a Scion, instead of say, an old VW or Volvo, I know that its not supposed to be. Secondly, who has a hardtop case for their BODYBOARDS?? I've never ever seen that before, since, well, you can fit your board in your car, unlike a surfboard. I guess to let everyone know you are a serious sponger. I defy you to find a worse surf vehicle.

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