Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Circus Jerks

We ended up taking Maeve to the circus the other night, and despite some kind of weird things about the whole thing, she had a blast. Here's a tip, probably a good idea to find out about the show before you go to be sure they have their shit together. Here are some scenes:

The big top with no signs of the Yak Lady:

Needless to say, Maeve was pretty mesmerized by what she saw:

Terrible pic, but its guys riding motorcycles in a steel cage:

This dude ruled. Not only did he do this act, but he got shot out of a cannon too.

On some Circque Soleil shit:

These were the people that took our tickets:

Elephants and this particular circus don't have a very good track record. Its amazing what a google search will turn up mid -show.

It was a million degrees under the big top. Maeve getting her sweat on:

Cannon man:

Apparently, this circus travels and performs at least twice 7 days a week for 8 months out of the year which can't be good for the people or the animals. While Maeve definitely enjoyed the show, I don' t think we can support them when they come to town next year.

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