Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bees of the Mind

I've gotten a lot of good records lately, but haven't had a chance to review them, so I thought I'd start with my favorite one of the lot. Two copies of this record were on my doorstep the other day and being that I was out of my mind excited to hear it, I it's gotta come first. Any description of Secret Cutter would not do them justice, so rather than come up with some clever analogies or stupid comparisons, I reccomend you visit their myspace and listen to all of their tracks.

I didn't think there would be a record that would top Fresh Meat's "Leather Daddy", but this one comes awfully close (Two completely different records, I know). The tracks on the record are the same that were available for downloadable demo, so if you've got that, you won't be hearing anything too new, but it is a must, nonetheless. Go see them live too. They are insane.

Finally, support Square of Opposition Records. Chris puts out a lot of good stuff that is way better than that stupid Artic Monkeys or Pearl Jam record you were going to waste your money on.

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