Friday, November 7, 2008

Obscene Jigsaw Puzzle

Another classic document from my High School days. By some sort of divine intervention, I was able to land a Creative Writing Class with not only the famously goofy but cool Mr Bozzone (I am pretty sure he used to dress as a super hero at our pep rallies?), but with a number of my good friends. The combination led to what could only be one of the best classes I have ever taken at Liberty, strictly from a comedic standpoint.

Each class we would usually sit in a circle and learn about how to write creatively. The funny part was hearing all of the bullshit that these kids would spew in attempts to sound intellectual or impress the teacher. Within a few classes we looked forward to the class to laugh and crack jokes to each other about the weirdos in the class. The cast of characters in the class were equally legendary. Never has a more random collection of styles, personalities or hygienic practices been assembled. Like all great things in high school (see the High School Psychopaths entry) I can't remember how the eighth period beast began, but it was a great idea nonetheless.

Basically, with input from all members involved (Myself, Matt Eby, Kip, Shawn Price, even Chuck Koch I think...maybe Ed D.too?), we drew a creature that featured one bizarre attribute from each member of the class. Looking back at the drawing, it is pretty surprising to me that I can remember which features belong to which people in the class. While it makes me laugh, I won't point out any particular people to protect their identities, although if you were in the class you could probably figure a bunch out too.

If this picture is not proof positive that we were assholes, then another tidbit from the class reminds me that we were. It was right before or after this class that Kip and I would scream "DREW!" or "DREW CAREY!!" to a girl who had class across the hall and had a similar pair of glasses, until one day she turns around and screams "I'M NOT DREW CAREY YOU ASSHOLES!" or something to that effect.

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