Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Day Rising

It's over and it wasn't even close. Watching the different countries of the world react in (mostly) a positive fashion makes me feel a whole lot better in the direction our country is headed. So much of politics is complete garbage and I grew tired of the ads, false promises, out of control spending, but in the end, I think the US elected a guy that cares about the American people just as much as he cares about his political career. Who knows. I think there are a lot of wealthy rich white men looking around nervously at each other as they watch men and women of every culture and tax bracket celebrate this victory. Finally, we are taking a step towards leveling a playing field that has been so uneven towards the economically disadvantaged since it's inception. Save me the socialist arguement and go watch Trading Places with Dan Akkroyd and Eddie Murphy. After Obama's two terms are over, I am supporting the ticket below for 2016:

I look forward to sporting my new shirt too!

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