Saturday, November 8, 2008

Big Boards, Small Car

There was plenty of swell yesterday and with Amy out of town and Maeve at the Cape May Zoo, it looked like I was set up for a fun afternoon of surf, right? Not exactly. Being that the Golf Cart was just recently retired from the road, I had been taking Amy's Jeep Cherokee when I would go to surf. Since she had that car, I was going to take our Honda Accord, which I did not realize, does not have the same size roof as my old reliable Golf, rendering my surf straps useless. For twenty minutes, I tried to figure out how I was going to get a board to the beach. My noserider was out of the question, but I thought there was a chance my Tucker would fit. No dice. Then I remembered I had my old 6'8 Wynn Fish jammed in the rafters of the garage! I hadn't ridden it in probably four years, it was cracked along the stringer, yellowed, beat up, but it was small enough to maybe fit. I tried it and it just slid in the passenger's seat.

The waves were about waist to chest high and adjusting to a board that was three feet shorter than my noserider was tricky. The paddle was definitely harder and I had to sit way further inside to take off on the waves. The first wave I rode, I was totally squirrelly, not being used to the lightness of the tail and three smaller fins instead of one big one. After a while, I became adjusted to the feel of the board and actually had some fun ones. I guess if there is anything to be taken from it, it's good to ride different shapes. Below is a shot of the board post session:

Equally bizarre were the items that I found on the beach after my session. Random plastic, t-shirts, even a throwback jersey with the last name "Richardson" on it. Then as I was walking to my car and stumbled across this:

Maybe I am wrong, but it looks like skeletal remains of a snake or some kind of creature. Maybe I'm crazy.

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