Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sea Monster

The front that blew through last night and brought a ton of rain, delayed the Phillies game for ninety minutes and made for a soggy Halloween party departed and left us with head high waves for most of the day.

I didn't hit it until the afternoon, allowing the tide to fill in a little bit, but when I got to Strathmere, it was still a little low, causing every other wave to detonate rather than peel at the head high level. Luckily, there were three guys out already and four trying to paddle out, but I think that only the other guy and myself actually made it out to the line up with the other two.

From there it was a fun afternoon. You really had to choose your waves carefully because there was a healthy mix of closeouts along with the head high peelers, plus it was a pain in the ass battling to get back out. Mostly lefts to be had, but the best ride of the afternoon came for me on a rouge right that came out of nowhere. Rode my Tucker banana board and it performed so well. Easy to paddle, loose and fast. I was glad that it paddled so well when the occasional outside set would pop up and we'd be scratching to make it over them.

Later in the afternoon the wind got on it a little bit and things started to chop up a bit, so it was time to call it an afternoon. Despite the cold water, it was the best session I've had in the last few weeks. I didn't have my camera on me so I grabbed my cell phone to grab a pick of this tree that washed up on the beach and some of the swell in the background. Some lady told me there was a line of trees that were washed away at the Point and were showing up all over the beach. Weird.

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