Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phinally? Too Cliche....

When I was one, the Phillies won the World Series. I was way too young to remember anything. Since that time, I've seen many Philadelphia phlops. When I was a freshman in high school, I remember watching Joe Carter send Mitch Williams pitch into another zip code and realizing that it could be a while before the Phillies win the World Series. Since then we've watched the Flyers, Sixers and Eagles all make it to their respective championships only to lose in the finals. While I could really care less about the Eagles or the Flyers, it would have been nice to see Philly take one home.

Out of all the Philadelphia Phranchises, the Phillies are my phavorite and to phinally see them win was such a great experience. I felt like I was going to throw up for most of the game last night, but once Lidge threw the last pitch, I was euphoric. The excitement was huge, even more so than when Christian Laettner hit the game winner against Kentucky for Duke in the NCAA tournament or when Pete Sampras won his match after puking on the court (Two of my top sports memories of all time). It just didn't seem possible. With each series, different guys stepped up to contribute, making it a satisfying effort from all members. Plus, minus Myers, the team seems like a bunch of nice guys. I'm especially happy for Jamie Moyer, the pride of Souderton.

Thanks to my grandfather, I've always rooted for the Phillies. He was a great baseball player and a diehard Phillies Phan, even back to the days of the Philadelphia Athletics. There would rarely be a summer afternoon where I would show up at his house and he did not have a game on the TV or the radio. I'm sure somewhere he is smiling.

It would sound really good to say that this picture was taken during the game, but I am pretty sure Maeve was watching the Backyardigans.

Poppin' bottles in celebration. Maeve and her milk. Notice the '83 Phillies shirt.

A better shot of the shirt. So Maeve is right around my age when the Phillies won with Carlton in '80. I am looking forward 2037 when we can celebrate another Phillies victory with her son or daughter!

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caroline said...

This post made me cry. I miss Poppop. Love you, cjs