Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drive this Seven Inch Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart

The Almighty Ink & Dagger. I was in high school when they first began playing shows and to say I was pysched on them was an understatement. I think "Drive This" was the peak for them, mainly because I think that record is flawless. Songwise incredible, but I think the artwork and layout is one of my all time favorites. "The Fine Art of Original Sin" had a couple great tracks, but nowhere near the consistency of "Drive This". Things started to unravel after that, ending with Sean McCabe's passing away (R.I.P). All of Sean's projects (including his work at the Earth Crisis Middlesex show) are legendary in my book and his stories and antics are some of the funniest I have ever heard. I still love listening to the Crud is Cult stuff and the xOnPointx demo. Thought posting some I & D would be appropriate for this time of year.


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