Friday, July 29, 2011

Without Words

When it rains it pours and July has been a great month for zine reading. Managed to win a couple late 90s zines off of eBay and thanks to a previous conversation with Brett of Wasted Days fame, he sent me a PILE of good reading to borrow and I didn't even need a library card. The picture above is a mix of what I get to sort through, read and nerd out on for the next couple weeks. My love for hardcore zines has always been a subject on Death Tens, but it definitely bums me out that there aren't as many printed zines being done these days.

One of my favorite features in zines which there definitely needs to be more of: Show Stories. Hardware used to have then and so did Contention among others. Most of the time, they didn't focus on the actual bands that played, but antics that happened while the show was going on. Near fights, stagedives, sneaking into shows, near misses and everything else that goes with DIY shows always made for a good read.

This year there have been a couple good zines released and I definitely like the idea of releasing issues in PDF format for immediate download like a handful have done this year. Documentation is just as important as crucial merch.

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