Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looking Back

Felt like I hadn't been to a show in forever, so I headed to the Barbary for a matinee to catch Stick Together and Disengage along with some other bands on a Rainy Saturday. Ended up getting there late and missed the opening band, Good Times, who I think are from Cape May. I didn't see a single song, so I can't really comment and just take my F- in showing a band from my area support. Another Mistake followed and sounded pretty good. Louisville Kentucky Straight Edge in effect. I was amped to see Sacred Love after hearing the demo and they didn't deviate too much from what was on there and the LP. Kind of like a mini-LOJ, they were down a guitarist, but still sounded tight. Not a lot of mosh, even when they did the breakdown to Weighed Down, which surprised me. Up there as far as DC/Bodymore bands I dig. Sorry my geography is terrible outside the tri-state.

Disengage took the stage next and were awesome. Standard straight edge hardcore in the vein of all the old Rev bands on your ipod, they played a lot of the songs off the record, a demo song, a YOT cover (insanely cool) and a new song "Think for Yourself" which had a killer intro. Been trying to catch them live for a while now and was glad I finally did. Mindset was next and well, whatever. I know a lot of kids are way into them, but I can't say that I am. Next. Finally, Stick Together closed and put out a tight set just under 20 minutes. Another band that reminds me of NYHC meets the late 90s in a near perfect combination. Demo songs+ 7 inch songs+ Hoodrack commenting on Straight Edge made for a great set, so much so, it didn't dawn on me that they didn't do a cover until I was walking to my car. Managed to get kicked in the head by Hoodrack when he dove in the crowd, which is always a bonus. Good to see them again and found out later that weekend about the Brick show, so already stoked for that. Didn't snag any merch, which was probably a mistake. Didn't see any Stick Together gear I didn't already have and was hoping for that black Disengage shirt, but no dice. Some white tees, which are great for summer, but I've always had that white tee phobia of getting ketchup or something on a favorite white shirt. Afterwards, I headed into Center City to meet up with some friends, which made for a great Saturday.

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