Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mystery Juice

Richard Kenvin's a pretty interesting guy. What makes him interesting is his research into Bob Simmons and exploring Simmons work. While probably not a lot of people are familiar with Simmons, his life, death and experiments make him one of surfing's most fascinating individuals. Kenvin has been studying and documenting his findings with Simmons' designs and turning it into Hydrodynamica. Kenvin's had an article on him in Surfer and is in the latest journal, mostly talking about his research of the mysterious Simmons and his designs and his work. Looking forward to the film, but the blog will tide me over until it's ready. Here's some pretty impressive footage with alaias.

As usual, if you're not into War's "Lowrider", mute the first video and hit play on Botch's "Man the Ramparts" for a good video/music combination.

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