Monday, February 8, 2010

Tears of Blood

After mother nature decided to dump almost two feet of snow on South Jersey, all in all it was a fun weekend. Had a lot of fun doing all the typical snow activities: sledding, snowman making, snowball throwing and of course, shoveling, lots of shoveling (Tears of Blood, yo). Lots of people in the CMC lost power, but luckily, we never did, so I'd say all in all we we had a good weekend. Discovered a great sledding spot a block or so behind our house but didn't bring the camera. Took a slew of pics, but here are a couple:

Above is our street...pretty much one of the 1 or 2 major roads in the area (besides the parkway, this is New Jersey afterall). Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning. Good thing I am keeping one of my boards in the garage instead of in the Better Off Shed. Might have been tough to get into.

We feel its important to instill a good work ethic early. It's not like we made her shovel the driveway.

Found an old bodyboard and decided to try and break some bones in the front yard. Managed to stay in one piece and take a couple drops.

Somebody had an unnatural obsession with snow angels, to the point where she would just sporadically collapse in the snow and say "SNOW ANGELS!" while making a new one. This practice was repeated at least 100 times in the morning.

Didn't get out to surf on Sunday, mainly because there was too much to do, but looks like some swell for Thursday, which I am amping on already.

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