Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bust It. Bust It Now. Congrats.

Its no secret that I'm big into Carpenter Ant. Being that I got on board with them midway through their existence, I've had to do a lot of searching to track down their different recordings, mostly records, tapes and the like. A few years back Chaos had hooked me up with a bunch of the vinyl on CD and Ray has always been good to me in sending a shirt, record or tape my way, so I thought through them and tracking down the different records and tapes that I had heard everything.
I had thought wrong. After getting the original demo from Giancarlo a week or so ago(thanks again), I realized that the songs on there were ones that I had never heard before with the exception of "Ghostriders". While the recording was raw, after one or two listens, I was into it. I have no idea what the band thinks of the recording, but I know there were only forty of the tapes made, so I figured why not upload the songs with the artwork for anyone who may want one. All I know is that I was completely stoked to get a hold of it. Here it is:


Tape Cover-

Read those goddamn words-

I was lucky enough to be here for this:

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