Sunday, November 29, 2009


Managed to snag some waves on Thanksgiving, but ended up completely screwing up the trash day schedule. Turns out, public works had the day off the day after too and we had about nine bajillion bags of trash from the move sitting by the side of a very busy road and no one picking it up for a couple days. Rather than lugging everything back up to the house, I planted it all hidden safely behind a bunch of fir trees in the yard, tucked out of sight.

At night it would almost look like a bunch of druids or witches hanging out under the trees practicing their dark arts or something, but I couldn't get a decent picture out of the window, so I took a daylight shot that is not nearly as cool or satanic. The view at night was pretty killer. If I ever start my Electric Wizard cover band, you can bet the name of the group with be Coven of Trash.

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