Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Full Spectral Dominence

So I went to the Youngblood Fest to catch the Rancor Reunion. I also took some very poor pictures of a couple bands that came out even worse than I expected. Here they are:

Work gloves on, it's time for No Tolerance! One of my favorite bands on the day.

Mind Eraser was a definite highlight:

Lion of Judah. Never really was into them, but they sounded pretty good live. Crowd was into them.

Break out the vegan water...Oh No! It's the Rancor!
A great set of stuff off of both seven inches, the demo and the Time is Now comp and "Clobberin' Time", a Floorpunch cover and a judge cover. Just insane.
Saw a bunch of other bands too, but the pictures either looked worse than these piss poor quality photos or I didn't bother to take any, but still good. Tons of great merch, Vegan Treats, and good bands made for a great showcase and I was able to pick up the new Carry On LP and the 2nd press of the new Mind Eraser, so I was happy. Despite the three hour drive there and then the three hour drive back, it was completely worth the trip.

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