Sunday, October 5, 2008

West Chester Protest City

This weekend, Amy and I attended a wedding up in West Chester Pennsylvania. Since Amy graduated from WCU, we took the opportunity to stroll around downtown yesterday and enjoy what turned out to be a great day. As we were driving around looking for a parking space, we drove by dueling camps of protesters set up on opposite sides of High Street. On one side were people rallying for peace and for the troops to come home. On the other side were people who wanted "victory" in Iraq and people who wanted to yell at the peaceniks.

We approach the scene and I grab a shot from the car.

The guy with the "Honk for Victory" was a complete jackass.

The other side of the street.

My favorite poster of the whole lot.

The years have not been kind to Uncle Sam. We sleep a lot better at night knowing that this gentlemen is an official "jihad" profiler. Is he aware that "Jihad" is a verb and not person?

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