Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Golf Cart

My '96 Volkswagen Golf, dubbed the golf cart by some of my students a few years back. I've been driving this for over ten years and it has aged gracefully. There are so many custom features that have been added over the years. There is no back windsheild wiper because I snapped it off as I was scraping the ice off my car to go surf one January. Then there is the missing hubcap that I lost after blowing a tire at 5:00 am heading to the south end of Ocean City one morning last summer. Also included are a broken front grill from my wife backing into it as it sat in my driveway. Before that, the radio did not work, but after getting backed into, it started working again, which is a bonus. Most recently, the speedometer will occasionally not work so you can be driving down the road at a good clip and looking at the needle reading zero.

This picture was taken on one of the side streets in Strathmere at the end of June during the Bertha swell.

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