Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Crazy Day

It's probably a dumb idea to post this, considering it was posted on FB already, and I'd imagine most people saw it there, but as most white dudes say: Whatever (according to Samuel Jackson in "Lakeview Terrace"). Anyway, One California Day has got to be one of the better surf DVDs of this century. It's clean enough to draw in the older set and has enough younger longboards to draw in the younger crowd. Throw in automatic surf-cred providers like Tudor, Frye and Curren and already know this stuff. This reel is a promo video with some new shots included. Definitely worth checking out.

Upon starting the video, you'll recognize the song as a different version of the same annoying song from the full length movie. It's not my cup of tea. I included one of my favorite pop punk songs from my early high school days as a replacement option. Just start it up as there is the first sign of a surfboard on the screen. Should be a good substitute to the rootsy, bluesy rock that I can't stand. If that's your thing, then leave it.

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