Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cash Still Rules

These days I'm more impressed with the bands of my youth who don't do reunion tours, open merch stores and repress their back catalogs. It's cool to see bands that I missed because I was four years old at the time or because I was on a date with a girl or at my uncle's birthday party or something, but part of me feel like the secret's out on the difference between doing a couple reunion shows in '10s as opposed to the '90s. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The means of communication and information of today make things better for everyone involved when you think about it.

There's a lot of micro-arguments within the whole reunion show debate: original members, locations of shows, fest vs. show, etc., but for the most part it's gotta be a great opportunity for the bands anyway you look at it. I'm not complaining, just commenting. The fact that I don't have to wait for a record to arrive at a record store to hear it or base my purchase of CDs or records on the description that they got in the Very Distro catalog makes things a lot easier for the hardcore consumer as well. I've got to say that I could count on one hand bands that would surprise me if they decided to reunite. You can probably guess who they are.

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