Sunday, January 9, 2011


After about six inches or so of snow yesterday, I took a shot at there being a little swell left around this morning before the forty mph winds and NFL games drove me straight into my couch. It was super cold and the roads in Ocean City were pretty sketchy early on, but I soldiered on, hoping to at least grab a few before hypothermia set in. The night before I had been listening to Mental and appropriately enough, I had "I'm a fuckin' idiot, I'm a fuckin' idiot" bouncing around in my head as I scrambled up the steps to first street.

I could stare at the ocean all day and never get bored. I'm not sure this picture even does this morning justice, but I knew my time was limited. Saw a few little waves rolling in, and knew the wind would beat it down pretty quickly, so I grabbed my gear and headed for the beach. Maybe I headed out too quickly, because in my attempt to navigate the drop at the shoreline, I realized that the one section was just a snow drift and consequently fell forward into the snow without my gloves on yet.
There were a couple nicely lined-up waves, but overall, I was fighting a losing battle. The tide was filling in, the winding was blowing out whatever swell was left and my body's core temperature was slowly dropping by the minute. I grabbed one last microwave after what felt like an hour long wait and headed it. I was still very clad to get out and get to have 1st all to myself at least one day out of 365.