Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Exceptions

Two Floorpunch must haves in the digital age for download below If you're a fan, they are required listening....you guessed it...no expections. First up, Floorpunch's Fast Times at the Jersey Shore rehearsal demo. There was talk of this being made into an LP, but I am pretty sure the originals are lost making it impossible to press the record and it won't be happening. It's a shame because I love the sound of this demo, despite the shitty recording.


Next up, the Floorpunch live set from Obsessions in Randolph NJ in 1996. This recording is probably my favorite recorded live set of theirs. No offense to Euros, but the crowds just don't shut the fuck up saying stupid shit in some of the older live FP sets from Europe that are floating around. The only one that should be talking is Porter. I like this set because there is minimal crowd comments and Porter's stage banter is at its best. On top of a good short live set, it includes two of the greatest lines of all time: "Let's go you fucking homos!" during the Intro into Changes and "I wanna hear homeboys go crazy for this one...IT'S A FUCKING COVER!!!" into Last Warning. The placement of those quotes right before both songs triple your stoke. Trust me. The only blemish would be the weird echo in the vocals, but the songs and banter more than make up for it.


If there are any other live sets floating around besides the usual suspects (Euro sets, CBs, Fieldsboro), hit me up. I would love to get MP3s of the SFU Showcase or any other of the more recent shows Floorpunch has played.

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caffeinefreeyouth said...

Looking for an active link to the Jersey Shore Rehersal.