Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hangin' Around

"vegan straight edge sounds like a combination of the following: a vivisector being curb-stomped, Karl Crisis firing a machine gun for no particular reason, Confront, Negative FX, James Ismean touching himself in front of a full body mirror while looking into the blackness of his soul, the platonic idea of justice manifested in the material world via sound waves, the United States of America, Youth of Today, the internal suffering of Calvin Coolidge, the part in the expendables where Terry Crews picks up a warhead and throws it into a helicopter, and XchorusX."

The Noose demo rules. Period. If you haven't downloaded it yet,don't tell anyone and get it here. Step two: Add their blog to your google reader. Now go order a demo and patiently wait by your mailbox for it to arrive.

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