Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keep Quiet

Other than reminding me of the Jane Doe cover, this is an album that David Pajo of Slint did. If the cover doesn't give it away, its him doing a bunch of Misfits tracks acoustically. It's tough to swallow anything that has an acoustic tag to it these days thanks large in part to the army of young, white, male dipshits with hair like Ryan Cabrera that think if they can butcher a Dashboard song in their bedroom they will start pulling chicks, but being that its Misfits songs and done by a dude who was in the band that made Spiderland...I'd say this is different.

To say these tracks are stripped down would be an understatment. It's got the quiet moments of Slint, but with a more, Nick-Drake-mixed-with-Pedro-the-Lion-recording-on-a-boombox feel to it. With Halloween right around the corner, it's worth checking out. You've never heard "Angelfuck" sung so tenderly.


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