Sunday, July 26, 2009


My cousin hooked me up with the Force Fed demo tape a while back and until I saw them live last week, it never dawned on me that I never got a chance to put it up on the blog. Unlike a lot of new straight edge bands these days who draw influence from groups like Blacklisted or Cold World, Force Fed's a band who know their roots. From listing SSD, DYS and Negative FX as an influence on their page, or using the cover of the Negative FX lp for a t-shirt or covering "Wolfpack" at their shows, its clear that Force Fed subscribes to a more traditional era of hardcore. Filled with anger and energy, the band rips through the demo and never looks back. I highly reccommend tracking down the demo and playing it as loud as you possibly can and then go see them live. Both this tape and their seven inch were put out on Pain Killer Records, a label out of Boston, which may have copies of both left. I wish I had the seven inch to review, but I held off picking one up until the end of the show and they were out.

Force Fed's Page

Painkiller Records' Page

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