Friday, July 31, 2009

About Last Night

Thought I would post this video in honor of last night's surf.

Had a fun session last night at a usually empty break, but because it is the middle of summer, there ended up being eight other guys in the water, falling into the usual categories, with a few exceptions. #1 were the old guys on longboards. There were two of them and they didn't do much but float atop their Stewart tri-fins and when a wave did come their way, they were kind of hesistant to take off. They did a lot of sitting and looking around at the crowd, too busy thinking about the conference call they had to make with the boss after they got out of the water. Of course, they were dressed great from head to toe. #2 were the Kayakers. One guy looked like George "The Animal Steel" and he and his wife would position themselves to take waves, paddle and then fade off at the very end with a disappointed look. Also, the gentleman had no idea where to line up, so he just followed everyone around. With kayakers, its just best to act like they are not going to make their wave and just go. That rule definitely worked last night. #3 were the college bros. They definitely looked the part, but you could see the insecurity on their faces. Perfect tans and riding a wide range of boards, you could tell they thought they owned the place, when in reality, they were mediocre. Talking loudly about waves so everyone could hear them, pointing out to each other the finer points of their waves, basically making sure people all around them new what shredders they were, I just shut up and kept snagging waves. I kept waiting for them to high five one another, but it never happened. Whatever. There were two guys shortboarding that were really fun to watch, though. Solid turns and could position themselves so they didn't have to constantly pump the board down the line and seemed like pretty nice guys too. I wished I could ride a shortboard like they could.

I actually enjoyed watching everybody do their thing in between snagging a couple thigh to waist high waves. I can't even imagine what the North End was like, seeing as that's crowded all the time. Interestingly enough, the spot I was at was lining up really nicely, which is kind of rare. It reminded me of a great time I had there two years ago, only last night was a little smaller.

One dude was a dead ringer for Paul Newman too.

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