Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let It Ride

Snuck out for some waves last night and was psyched to see this surf vehicle parked at the spot I was out. Such a classic ride, it would make for the perfect surf cruiser, plus the owner is a super nice guy who owns a Bing that I am pretty jealous of. I'll add it to my list.

Not the cleanest of conditions, but the waves had some zip and I was glad I brought "old yeller" to ride instead of my noserider. It you waited for the right one, you could catch a fairly well, lined-up right that was a lot faster than what you expect from this spot.

The only strange moment was towards the end of my session. I was treading in fairly deep water next to my board and felt something, smooth, slippery and HUGE under me. As it pushed up on my feet I could tell that it was heavy, but as soon as I moved to jump back on my board it swam away. I'm hoping it was a ray or something. At first I thought a dolphin, but it never surfaced. Completely weird.

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