Monday, June 8, 2009

Is It Really So Strange?

The forecast for Saturday was looking good, but due to Maeve's birthday party, it was going to have to be a dawn patrol session or nothing at all. Despite the early rise, I knew that every spot would be overrun, so I decided to hide out a little bit to avoid the ever growing number surfing enthusiasts that populate the more crowded spots. These pictures were taken post-session, since there was little light when I paddled out. I had taken almost this exact picture after it snowed this winter:
Waist to chest and clean? Not exactly....more like the first three objects in the picture.
Trying to make art out of slop.
Flawless conditions:
I'm sure if I drove around I could have found a spot breaking better or waited until mid-morning, but unfortunately, I was on borrowed time. One bonus was watching two crazy girls yell on the beach, and then try to waive me down followed by one of them doing jumping jacks on the beach but lacking any pants. After all that, I felt this pretty much summed up my morning:
Luckily, while everyone was escaping the island Sunday night and headed up the AC expressway, I was able to sneak over for some leftovers that were kind of fun. I guess it's all in your perspective.

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