Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crime Ridden Society

Yesterday, we got word that there had been an "incident" at a local bank and that a couple schools in the area near our house had been put on lock down in the afternoon. Interesting, I thought. Then we find out that it was the bank not two blocks down the street from our house that had been robbed. Wow, I thought. Then we get home from work and talk to our neighbor. Turns out the suspect fled after his ride had disappeared during the robbery and ran down our street. You gotta be kidding me, I thought. He apparently ripped up our street and hid in someone's basement a block away. When the owner of the house arrived home, he found a note from the bank in his house and immediately left and called the cops who found broseph in the guy's basement. There had been all types of cops, agents, dogs, guns, even a helicopter flying overhead to find the guy. Insane, I thought.

So after jawing with my neighbor for a while about missing the whole crazy afternoon, I head to my backyard, since the police had been back there with the dog while I was gone. What I found is pictured below:

Almost like a scene in a Hollywood movie, the suspect* plowed through our gate rather than opening it and then ran out the other gate on the other side of the yard. Honestly, I think its hilarious to picture him busting though the wood like the Kool Aid Man through a brick wall. You can watch the ace reporting of our local news station here:

*innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

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